South Yorkshire Physical Activity Symposium 2019

South Yorkshire Physical Activity Symposium 2019

  • Juliet Downs

On Saturday 18th May 2019, sixty guests attended the South Yorkshire Physical Activity Symposium at Sheffield Medical School. Hosted by Sheffield Sports and Exercise Medicine Society (SEM), the day featured talks and workshops from fourteen external speakers, as well as many representatives from local physical activity initiatives.  This event attracted not only medical students, but also medical professionals and other keen students.

The aim of the event was to educate the attendees on the importance of physical activity and explore how it can be promoted. The conference focussed on four main themes;

1.	Physical Activity and Pregnancy 
2.	Physical Activity and Children 
3.	Physical Activity and the Elderly 
4.	Physical Activity and Oncology 

After registration and a short introduction by the SEM committee, the day started with two talks looking at the benefits of exercising throughout pregnancy. The speakers explained the most recent research findings and explored how exercise could be “prescribed” in pregnancy.

After a short break, the topics of the talks moved onto the “Extremes of Ages”. This included a talk on the importance of exercise promotion in paediatrics, followed by a talk on the use of exercise, combined with diet for the treatment of sarcopenia in patients with heart disease.

The subsequent talks educated the attendees on the latest research about exercising throughout cancer treatment. After a busy morning, the lunch break allowed time for the attendees to engage with the wide range of local health initiatives present and talk with the speakers.

The afternoon consisted of two sessions of workshops. The attendees were given a choice of six different workshops to attend; such as “Physical activity and bipolar” and “Exercise prescription”. This enabled the attendees to interact with the speakers and take part in related discussions in a small group setting. The day ended with a short round up of the day by the SEM committee. It wouldn’t have been a Sports and Exercise Medicine conference without a run to finish the conference! The committee led a short run around porter brook valley. This gave the attendees and the committee the opportunity to stretch their legs and reflect on and discuss what they had learnt from the conference that day.

The conference was a great success; thanks to the hard work of the SEM committee and the speakers. As well, it couldn’t have happened without the generous sponsors, the stands and the enthusiastic attendees.

Watch out for the next Sports Medicine conference that will be hosted at Sheffield medical school in autumn 2019; “SEM, in and out of the Spotlight” – USEMS conference 2019.