• Current Affairs
  • The Brain Heading Towards The Future

    Current Affairs
    • Andrew Whitfield
    The brain heading towards the future Visual auditory, kinaesthetic; which way do you learn best? It may not matter anymore.
    A group of students are sat in a lecture theatre.
  • Malaria, Coming Soon to a Country Near You

    Current Affairs
    • Lucy Faulkner
    From rising sea levels to melting polar ice caps, there is no question that climate change is having an effect on the world.
    A mosquito is drinking blood from someone's skin.
  • Conference Reviews
  • White Rose Student GP Conference

    Conference Reviews
    • Lucy Faulkner
    The day began with some inspiring talks from general practitioners here in Yorkshire about the life of a GP and career opportunities available in General Practice.
    A student is collecting a bag of freebies from a stall at a conference.
  • Advances in Neurology, Surgery and Science Conference

    Conference Reviews
    • Lucy Faulkner
    The second annual conference took place at SITraN, the Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience.
    A group of students sit watching a conference.
  • Opinion
  • Hospital Acquired Dyscalculia

    • Sam Whelan
    After weeks of arduous lab work, you test your hypotheses using the statistical tools that underpin all modern science. Alas, it comes to naught - no significance.
    A seated person points at a paper on a desk.

    Bring Back The White Coat

    • Mary Goble
    In the UK in 2007, the Department of Health made a decision to tackle infection rates in hospitals.
    A closeup of a white lab coat with a breast pocket containing several pens worn over a white shirt and tie.
  • Assisted Suicide is Painless

    • George Huntington
    For this next exercise I would like you to imagine yourself being in the end stages of a terminal illness...
    An image of a corridor that leads out to a white light