Letter from the Editors

North Wing in 2018

We have already made a big step in launch of our online version of North Wing, last September. We embraced the 21st century to reach more readers, in keeping with our aim to distribute to non-medical students as well as medical students – and non-students! Alongside a change in our format we’re continuing with the progress we made last year, broadening the topics we cover.

So far we’ve learnt about brain-machine interfaces, and been motivated to reduce our meat and dairy consumption; we’ve thought about assisted suicide, and the very real impact of disposable fashion. The next year will see more fantastic articles concerned about the future of the planet, and we will keep applying our critical minds to the important issues we face today. Our well-travelled writers will report from Gambia and Palestine, and we’ll be reading about gender equality – a timely topic, I hope #youtoo would agree. But let’s not give it all away…

From our side of the fence, we are also making sure that the content we produce is varied. We are after all a peer-reviewed publication and we make sure that no one has a bigger say than anyone else in what we publish, and how we publish it. The editorial committee are exactly that; a committee that edits – each and every one of us.

A novelty we are introducing this year, only made possible thanks to our new format, is a selection of going further links after each articles. Blogs, related articles, themed websites… we are giving our North Wing readers the possibility to explore further the topics we bring up. We know that we have limited scope and expertise to talk about the stuff that matters, but we still want to make sure that reading us will satisfy your curiosity!

To complement our online version, and make sure North Wing thrives as a multi-media publication, we are excited to announce the upcoming arrival or our yearly print issue, in March. It will be available locally in Sheffield and on request anywhere in the world! We will be bringing a “best -of” of our articles to your coffee table, showcasing great artwork, rounded off with some slick magazine design.

To all who have been involved over the past few months, and have contributed to the fabulous improvements made to North Wing, thank you. It has been great getting new writers on board, and teaming up with some motivated people who have brought fresh skills to the team. We still love to hear about any article ideas – please feel free to get in touch with us at northwing@sheffield.ac.uk. It’s time we wished you all a very happy new year, plenty of luck and motivation for your own projects, and to stick to your resolution of keeping up with northwingmagazine.com’s biweekly publications!


The North Wing Editorial Committee

Emma, Harry, Esther, Neele and Mary.


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