Complementary Medicine: What’s the Point?

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North Wing and the NHS have seemingly survived another winter. This issue focuses largely on complementary and alternative medicine, a term which although difficult to pin down (see Lucy Faulker’s article, page 36) does conjure up an idea in most people’s heads. There isn’t a huge amount of time devoted to CAM in our teaching though like it or not, it is an arm of medical treatment which many people subscribe to, sometimes exclusively. Hence why we have chosen this subject; if nothing else we can fill in the blanks.

As with our previous issue (‘Drugs’) alternative medicine means different things to different people, often resulting in a wide range of spectrum of approval for its use and understanding of where to draw the line. Therapies such as homeopathy (Mary Goble, page 26) and reflexology (Michael du Boulay, page 23) are well established in the public consciousness. We all know what they entail and how it is they may or may not work. More exotic forms like hypnotism, shiatsu (Becky Land, page 11), and reiki (Hayley Alderton, page 40) are not so prominent and need further exploration and explanation.

Whatever your opinion on CAM is (please please please have an opinion) I hope that you feel catered for in reading this. If not, then there’s a gap in the market which we’re not filling. Let us know, perhaps you could even write us out of that particular hole. Our next issue theme will be ‘Sense and Sustainability’. As ever, I look forward to reading your submissions.

North Wing is a group effort and I can’t lay claim to everything wonderful about this issue, sadly (although it is my name that goes at the bottom of the page). With that in mind I’d like to thank my lovely editing team and everyone who has sent in an article or piece of artwork contained in the magazine. Without your efforts this wouldn’t be possible. If you’re interested in submitting something to us or would like to respond to one of our pieces, then please email



North Wing Feb 2017

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