I wanted this issue to be themed around challenging our automatic prejudices and thought processes. This stemmed from an observed repeating theme: the tick-box takeover.

It has been suggested to me a number of times that we are no longer trained to think and this became the basis of my article (pg 15). What is apparent is that I am not alone in my concerns. It is evident from the articles we have received that other medical students feel the same. Elizabeth Abbey wants us to reconsider our hang ups about waiting times (pg 4) and Rachel Hallam suggests taking a more investigative approach into the current state of the NHS (pg 34).

Amy Northall (pg 30) goes a step further by asking us to re-evaluate if the quest to normalise mental illness is truly doing good; hearts in the right place, but our methods wide of the mark.

What bothers me most is that doctors share my sentiment for the lost art of thinking, but plough on regardless. Our feature piece, a discussion of mind-body duality by George Huntington (pg 18), is designed to challenge common preconceptions of functional illness. Perhaps a fresh perspective is exactly what some doctors need; we hope you find yourself well armed the next time a consultant starts mistreating one of their least favourite ‘heart sink patients’.

Lastly, I would like to apologise for the delay in this issue’s release. A lot of hard work is required to produce the magazine and, despite our best efforts, not everything can always go according to plan. If you are at all interested in helping to produce a future issue, please get in contact. This can be anything from writing a book review to editing articles, producing artwork or designing the magazine. There are many transferable skills to be gained, over and above written eloquence, and there is a lot to be said for holding a magazine you have made in your hands (and showing it off).

I hope you will consider getting involved. Enjoy the issue,

Michael Houssemayne du Boulay


North Wing Spring 2016

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